April 2, 2015
Sharia-Compliant Apple Boycotting Indiana - Sudden Rage for Doing Business in Saudi Arabia is Disingenuous
Apple is no stranger to discrimination
    Boycott Watch finds the sudden rage toward Apple Computers after it announced a boycott of Indiana to be beyond phony and completely disingenuous. It all started when Indiana passed their 'Religious Freedoms Act' which is a law that mirrors Federal law designed to protect people from being forced to violate their deeply religious convictions. Boycott Watch is not taking a stance on the law, but has pointed out that boycotting a state is un-American collective punishment. Others in the media have pointed out that when states battle other states, it is by definition a civil war. As such, Boycott Watch is against this boycott for several reasons explained in that article.

    Meanwhile there is a new rage over Apple, in this case after it announced it will boycott Indiana. While it has been pointed out that Apple will be opening a store in Saudi Arabia, Boycott Watch points out this store opening is not only nothing new, but complete false indignation by the boycotters because Apple has been the key computer supplier on the Arab world for decades, but people are only now bringing a small piece of that to light and hiding the fact that Arab world predominately hates anyone LGBT and commonly murders anyone who is discovered to be gay. Any Internet search will reveal a plethora of people who have requested political asylum after being revealed as gay in Arab countries.

    There is reason why Apple has become the key computer supplier in the Arab world - it is because the Intel microprocessor and other chips used in the PC world are all developed in Israel, the country the Arab League was formed to boycott, as detailed in Fred Taub's book Boycotting Peace. As such, Apple computers are desired in the Arab world and PC's ownership is sharply criticized, to say the least, if it occurs.

    Boycott Watch exposed how even a simple single battery made in Israel that was embedded into an Apple computer and only found after a detailed inspection caused uproar in the Arab world. The October 10, 2012 Boycott Watch article Apple Officially Boycotts Israel, Silent as it Adopts Arab Position, Refuses to Recognize Jerusalem, Israel exposed the extent of the Apple participation in the Arab boycott of Israel. Our article linked to Apple's United Arab Emirates page which at the time showed the company contacts in the Arab world but didn't even recognize the existence of Israel despite it being on the same map.

    In that article, Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch said "The Arab boycott of Israel is designed to prevent peace. As the opening line of my book Boycotting Peace states, you can't have peace with someone who will not sit down with you for a cup of coffee. In this case, Apple's position means they are acting as cheerleaders for terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as state sponsors of terrorism like Iran which also boycott Israel."

    That still rings true. Additionally, since these Arab countries and Islamic terrorist groups openly condone violence against and even the murder of gay people and the LGBT community in general, Boycott Watch laughs at the sudden false indignation of Apple toward Indiana. It should also be pointed out that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where safe for the LGBT community.

Boycoting Peace
by Fred Taub
President, Boycott Watch

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