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October 10, 2012
Apple Officially Boycotts Israel, Silent as it Adopts Arab Position,
Refuses to Recognize Jerusalem, Israel
Summary:Boycott Watch uncovers anti-Israel pattern at Apple.

    The release of the Apple iPhone 5 had many up in arms about their new mapping application, as Apple breaks away from Google and other map service providing companies. The new map app, however, has been seen as a disaster, prompting Apple's CEO Tim Cook to issue a statement admitting it is not performing to the levels their customers expect. Meanwhile, Boycott Watch has received several emails about an issue with their maps, a problem we see as endemic to Apple.

    The complaint is that according to Apple, Jerusalem is not in Israel despite the fact that Jerusalem is the capital city of the State of Israel. While many would see this as Apple playing politics to some extent, Boycott Watch sees a disturbing pattern.

    In a 2006 Op-Ed, Boycott Watch President Fred Taub noted that "Arabs were upset … when they found Israeli batteries in Apple computers and demanded the suppliers remove all such batteries from future shipments." The case is further detailed in Fred Taub's groundbreaking book Boycotting Peace where he cites a New York Post article dated April 15, 2003, by Paul Tharp titled "Apple Gets Bruised in Arab-Israel Fight."

    In this case, a tiny Israeli-made battery was found in an Apple computer and the Arab world was so outraged, the batteries had to be removed before being delivered to the end customer. The Arab boycott of Israel bans all Israel goods from Arab entering Arab nations, and even band ships that have ever docked in an Israeli port from entering an Arab port. As for computers, the processors chips in Microsoft-based PC's as well as Microsoft Windows itself are both partly developed in Israel, thus are boycotted in the Arab world, making the entire Apple product line acceptable in the Arab world by default.

    We contacted Apple for out 2006 report but they refused to comment about the sourcing of any materials, including batteries. Although we have no proof, all indication point to Apple complying with the demands of the Arab world and no longer using Israel-made batteries as not to upset their Arab customers.

    Boycott Watch made several attempts to contact Apple for a comment about the maps issue, but they neither returned our calls nor replied to our emails, no doubt because Boycott Watch is known for our work that includes extensive reporting about the Arab boycott of Israel, which is also the topic of the book Boycotting Peace by Boycott Watch President Fred Taub. Boycott Watch therefore interprets this as a case of Apple compliance with the Arab boycott of Israel, thus their silence to avoid our reports landing on desks at the US Department of Commerce.

    Boycott Watch still has many questions for Apple, all pertaining to potential violations of US Antiboycott Laws. What we do know is an article in a major newspaper states Apple once used batteries made in Israel, but has since stopped after demands by their Arab customers. We also know that their map software complies with the Arab world again by not recognizing Jerusalem as existing in Israel, let alone Israel's capital city. We also know that if you want to buy Apple products in Israel, you can, but only via third-party dealers. You can, however, buy Apple products direct in the United Arab Emirates, a clear indication of Apple compliance with the illegal Arab boycott of Israel.

    "This is about more than companies playing politics" said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch. "The Arab boycott of Israel is designed to prevent peace. As the opening line of my book Boycotting Peace states, you can't have peace with someone who will not sit down with you for a cup of coffee. In this case, Apple's position means they are acting as cheerleaders for terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as state sponsors of terrorism like Iran which also boycott Israel."

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