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February 8, 2013
GoDaddy Web Traffic Remains Flat Day After They Claimed Success with Failed Super Bowl Ad
Summary: Some reporters have been fooled by the GaDaddy press release, but not Boycott Watch

    Boycott Watch reported how aired the absolute worst Super Bowl TV ad of all time, and how the web stats reveal their ad was a complete failure despite their claim that it drove business through the roof. Since posting our report, we found a Huffington Post article that made outrageous claims of godaddy success, including: "Hosting sales jumped 45%, dot-com domain sales rose 40%, new mobile customers increased by 35% and the company added 10,000 customers in total."

    TMZ got on the bandwagon touting the ad which made people want to puke telling people the nerd in the is a "sex-symbol now." While the nerd may have made out, pun intended, GoDaddy still remains in the dumpers despite what they claimed in their press release. Let's look at the data:

    The Super Bowl was February 3, 2012. The very next day GoDaddy had a major traffic ranking drop as we can see here in image 1:

    The next day, GoDaddy traffic remained flat at the lower ranking as we see here in Image 2:

    This means people did not go to the GoDaddy website as they claimed and the traffic drop was sustained for the two most recent reporting days after the ad ran. Had GoDaddy had the increase in business they claimed, there would have had to be an increase in their traffic, or an adjusted increase, but that does not exist. The GoDaddy claims of more business, therefore, must be false.

    "As an online business, they are not showing the traffic increase which would be required to support the GoDaddy claims the ad was successful" said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch. "With an additional day of data and despite all the hype GoDaddy claimed after the ad, one thing is certain - the ad was a big failure and reporters who only relied on GoDaddy success claims have proven they did not do their homework. They did not independently verify the results, but instead just echoed the company self-hype."

    Boycott Watch believes the GoDaddy ad was a complete failure, costing GoDaddy between $6.5-7 Million, and the buzz about the ad certainly did not work either. While the advertising industry likes the 'sex sells' motto, the lesson from this year's ads are over-sexualization fails, and heart-warming ads like the Budweiser Clydesdale ad wins.

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