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February 7, 2013
World's Worst Super Bowl® TV Commercial Cost Big Bucks, Resulted in Undeclared Consumer Boycott / Lost Sales, lied the next morning.
Summary: Boycott Watch Busts lie about it their failed TV ad
    Upsetting millions of potential customers at one time is not a good marketing plan, yet that is exactly what did in what Boycott Watch can only call the most stupid and disgusting television ad of all time. We are not going to link to the ad in the interests of good taste, but our review of the Tweets indicates unanimous disdain for the ad. Suffice it to say that slobbering kissing scenes with geeks are not what most people want their small kids to see on television. That's not the full story though.

    Advertisers will tell you what they want is to be remembered, even if the ad is stupid, and sometimes they aim for stupid just so the company name is remembered. Here, having stupid content was the smallest problem with the GoDaddy ad. The ad is not memorable for being funny or weird, but because it made people want to vomit. Here is a sample of the Tweets about the ad during the game:

GoDaddy Tweets
Image 1: consumer disgust with the GoDaddy ad. spent $6 Million to air the ad, and probably another million to make it. When a business spends that much money to be remembered for their ad, they don't want the kind of negative response we see on Twitter. Despite that, posted a press release the next morning starting with:
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Feb. 4, 2013) - This year's Super Bowl commercials are an unprecedented business success for the world's largest Web host and domain name provider Go . Its two 30-second ads drove tremendous buzz and business, giving Go Daddy its most successful Super Bowl Sunday ever. Last night's ads delivered more new customers and more overall sales, as compared to any other Super Bowl campaign in the company's history. "

Attracting new customers is what advertising is all about," said Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving. "We wanted our Super Bowl commercials to generate new customers and overall sales, and that's precisely what happened. We set all-time Super Bowl Sunday records for mobile sales, Website Builders, website hosting and new customers. This is a big win for all our teams who worked so hard to deliver on game day and also for all our new customers looking to grow their small businesses."

    There is a problem here - lied, and they lied big.

    One look at the Internet traffic pattern from Alexa shows a traffic increase in the days leading up to the game and flat traffic the day of the game. After airing the ad, the next day traffic was considerably down despite the claims by that the ad generated "unprecedented business success." Additionally, the fact that the press release was posted the day after the game indicates wanted to portray success even before the business day in which they claimed record success for was actually over. Essentially, GoDaddy planned to promote success from the ad before having concrete numbers to crunch, and the evidence speaks the opposite of what GoDaddy claimed. The following web traffic images show GoDaddy, which is an online company, had a drop in web traffic, not the boost the company claimed in their press release. In fact, since we can expect some people went to their website to see the ad because of the buzz, we can therefore extrapolate a drop in sales based on the drop in traffic.

Image 2: Feb 3, flat traffic on Super Bowl Sunday. Feb 4, major traffic drop-off

Image 3: Percentage of the total daily Internet traffic down for GoDaddy

Image 4: Sharp drop off in GoDaddy page views means people were not buying their products as GoDaddy claimed

    Boycott Watch sees GoDaddy loosing somewhere between $6.5-7 Million on the world's worst ad, and far more in the future from consumers who will shy away from GoDaddy for years to come.

    "Shock ads do not necessarily work" said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch. "In this case GoDaddy made their audience sick, and that is what people will remember along with the fact that parents were watching the football game with their kids in what they expected to be family-oriented sports entertainment, but that's not what they got. This ad will go down in history as one of the biggest mistakes in television history and studied in marketing classes for generations."

    Fred Taub also pointed continued sexualization of the game may cause parents to not want to allow their children to watch the game in the future. While the NFL did apologize after the Janet Jackson incident, they certainly continue to facilitate unnecessary extreme sexuality in their overall product, and that may result in lower profits to the NFL in the long run.

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