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January 13, 2010
This Great Nation - U.S. assistance to Haiti speaks more about how great the U.S.A. is than the evil in Haiti
By Fred Taub
Boycott Watch
    When I first heard about the devastation from the earthquake in Haiti, my heart immediately went out to the Haitian people. Moments later in the news though, I heard about how the United Nations presence there was also affected, and I could not help thinking about why the United Nations is in Haiti to begin with.

    Haiti is a mess and it has been for decades. From François 'Papa Doc' Duvalier to his son Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier and their "necklacing" where people would have car tires put around their heads and set on fire to burn them to death in agony in the streets of Haiti, right up to today's dangers included in the United States State Department travel warning to Haiti, most recently updated July 17, 2009, which starts with the words "The State Department warns U.S. citizens to exercise a high degree of caution when traveling to Haiti," Haiti is not a safe place to be in the best of times.

    The way the U.S. Government described Haiti's religious community speaks volumes:
Roman Catholic 80%, Protestant 16% (Baptist 10%, Pentecostal 4%, Adventist 1%, other 1%), none 1%, other 3%
Note: roughly half of the population practices voodoo

    In other words, although the Haitian people may claim to be Christian, they are not since voodoo is not Christian at all. This is not meant to be a statement about religious practice at all, but when the people can't even define themselves, something is really wrong on a social level. That confusion begs the question: Why the United Nations is still in Haiti? The answer is simple - without the United Nations presence, Haiti would probably sink back to the hatred and violence in the street before the United States and subsequently the United Nations stepped in to bring peace and stability to Haiti.

    The United States aid to Haiti in this terrible time of need, therefore, speaks more about the American spirit to help people than anything else. We are a proud, caring and charitable nation, and we all should be proud of that. My hope is that our continued presence and the emergency aid we are now providing will be a beacon of light for Haiti and the Haitian people. Donations to the American Red Cross will benefit the Haitian people in this time of need.



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