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January 3, 2012
"Shake-stop" Infomercial Misleads Consumers, Overpriced Product
Summary: Just because it's on TV does not mean it's a good deal.
    Boycott Watch has been at the forefront of reporting television infomercial scams. We were first to bust Sham-Wow, for which we have 6 reports and one video, as having false scenes in their ad as well as how Anthony Sullivan promoted a tape to fix electrical cords, against fire code. This time we take-on and expose "Shake Stop" which claims to resolve the problem of 'walking' washing machines. Boycott Watch believes this is an attempt to sell an unnecessary and overpriced product to take advantage of consumers.

    When washing machines walk or shake, it is because their feet are not adjusted property or are not on a firm surface. Running the machines when not seated properly will only result in the machine shaking itself to pieces, thus a shorter than expected life. These machines have a built-in method to make sure they are seated properly. Pads such as "shake-stop" will only temporarily mitigate the shaking, then deteriorate over time resulting in the need for new pads while damage is being done to the washing machines because the fix was not done right.

    There are several videos on Youtube which show how to adjust your washing machine such as this one with no words but has technical drawings, and this one with people explaining the problem. Regardless, even if you have to hire someone to make the adjustments for you, the odds are you will still save money by extending the life of your washing machine because it won't rip itself apart.

    "If you still want to use a pad under the feet of your washing machine, you can always buy 'furniture cups' at local, big-box hardware and appliance stores for about a quarter of the price of Shake-Stop" said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch. "Shake-Stop is not an innovative product. Just one in which the marketer uses a product name that differs from the common product name."

    As such, Boycott Watch believes Shake-Stop is really about shaking money out of your pockets.
Note: The following are samples of similar commercial products available at big-box stores. Click the images to enlarge.
Furniture Cups   Furniture Cups

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