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February 24, 2010
Tea Party Is Seeking Its Own Demise
Summary: A self-destructive boycott proved the Tea Party failure is near, now they are actively planning it.
    Recently, Boycott Watch reported how the Tea Party movement gave the omen of immanent collapse when it declared a one-day boycott of everything, as one-day boycotts have always preceded the collapse of organizations and how the recent Tea Party boycott failed miserably.

   In response to a Boycott Watch article on this topic, Greta Van Susteren of Fox News issued a poll which showed 90% of her viewers disagreed with our prediction. Recent events, however, indicate Boycott Watch is right despite what Tea Party fans may think.

   Here are the facts:
  1. 1) The recent Tea Party convention was a failure. Despite unification efforts, it is still a fractured organization with various groups rejecting the convention and no desire for actual unified leadership.
  2. 2) While Gov. Palin spoke at the Tea Party convention, she embarrassed herself by writing on her hand. Meanwhile, the CPAC convention had much more prominent Republicans speaking, including Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.
  3. 3) The Tea Party convention ended with no new or expanded direction or vision for the organization. This is partly because the Tea Party has attracted fringe conservatives who previously had no home in the Republican Party.

Do Not Write On Your Hand     Right now, Tea Party activists are meeting with republican candidates, including the very incumbents they publicly reject, to reconcile their differences and work with the only people they can. The Tea Party people are not alone though. Their message parallels the plan Republicans are developing anyhow to win back Congress, a plan that was influenced more as a response to Democratic Party politics than the Tea Party, thus Republican incumbents will inherently win Tea Party votes anyhow. When a Tea Party organizer was on Fox News recently, and I will leave the name out since the guest was completely inarticulate, she could only come up with one Republican she was unhappy with, and that was a Governor, not a Congressman. If the Tea Party "leadership" can only complain about one Republican, there is not much else to talk about.

    The fact is the Tea Party is failing and they know it. The Tea Party activists have no viable candidates to speak of. While Gov. Palin accepted a $100,000 speaking fee for the Tea Party convention claiming she is giving it back to "the cause," the question becomes what is that cause since the Tea Party is not organized anyhow. If that really was the case, she should have spoken for free. Plus, by stating she is giving the money back to the Tea Party, Gov. Palin may have separated herself from the Republican mainstream, explaining why she as the recent VP candidate did not speak at the CPAC convention.

    I could comment about why Gov. Palin chose to speak at the Tea Party convention and its implications, but this article is neither about Gov. Palin nor about the Republican Party. The fact is the Tea Party is continuing to fall apart despite what its own activists and supporters say. That is the point.

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