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January 18, 2010
Haiti Earthquake Will Help Sink Tea Party
Summary: The Tea Party wants media attention, but won't get much if any.
    With the Tea Party's national boycott day is planned for this Wednesday, a boycott we predict will not only fail because it will be useless, but because one-day boycotts always result in the fading away of the events organization, the one day boycott will also have some media attention challenges.

    First, there is the obvious factor of the Haiti earthquake being the big news story, eclipsing all other news coverage, but even without the Haiti situation, the major factor hurting the news coverage for Tea Party's one-day boycott will be the fact that it is not only difficult to boycott nothing since you cannon boycott the economy you are a part of, but the fact that the boycotters in this case tend to have jobs and various family responsibilities to attend to during the work week thus limiting the number of people who can show up to gain media attention to boycott nothing.

    The La Raza boycotts on May 1, 2006 were attended in the thousands, where previous Tea Party boycott events have only been attended by about 200 people at best, but in all fairness have still been effective. Even with thousands of activists hitting the streets, the La Raza boycotters accomplished nothing. If history is any indication, the numbers just do not add up for the Tea Party activists.

    Moreover, the timing for the Tea party boycott is bad. The criticism for their boycott from political progressives will undoubtedly focus around complaints of the Tea Party activists not supporting Haiti rescue events which are much more important now, while the tea party activists will counter their boycott was declared and planned long ago. If both groups really want to have an impact, they would challenge each other to day of donating their complete one-day's salary the Haiti relief effort, something which may occur in rhetoric, but would be better to see on paper.

    That idea would benefit both political organizations and especially the people of Haiti. While we at Boycott Watch would love to see that happen, we doubt it would, recognizing both sides would somehow use it as political fodder. It would, however, be a great show of American unity while helping those in crisis.

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