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January 11, 2010
The Tea Party Implosion
Summary:History proves their upcoming boycott will be their demise.
    When Tea Party activists first started their campaigns, getting much national attention, they were successful because their messages were clear. With their new campaign for a general national boycott set for January 20, 2009, not only is the message not clear but they are now defending the fog they created around the event.

    Boycott Watch published a report explaining why the one-day Tea Party boycott of everything is a failure, namely because if someone does not buy gasoline on a Monday, they will buy it on Sunday or Tuesday instead. Just the same, everyone has to eat so adherents to any on-day boycott will just go grocery shopping another day. The fact is it is impossible for anyone living in the U.S. to boycott the U.S. economy, which the Tea Party activists are stating they are going with this boycott, because they too are part of the economy they want to boycott. It just does not make sense.

    Boycott Watch has observed response comments by Tea Party activists to articles Boycott Watch has been quoted in regarding their proposed one-day boycott, one of which was reposted on the Fox Nation website, in which some people complained Boycott Watch was wrong in our analysis when we explained why one-day boycotts are inherent failures. This criticism speaks more about the Tea Party activists than Boycott Watch.

    Boycott Watch criticized the same one-day boycott blunder with La Razza Mexican illegal immigrant one-day boycott, also stating it was a failure. In their case, they created an annoyance while completely failing to accomplish their goals of shutting down the United States economy for a day like they hoped for. The same applies for the Tea Party activists where their one-day boycott will inherently fail.

    In fact, the one-day La Raza boycott was such a failure, despite the media attention they received, that the La Raza movement essentually collapsed because they proved to be no longer affective. While there is La Raza website, the organization has rendered itself irrelevant. The same thing happened to every one-day gas boycott group, the proof of which is their current insignificance. The fact is, no one-day boycott has ever worked and if history is any indication, the proposed one-day Tea Party boycott will result in dismay amongst Tea Party activists leading to the ultimate diminishing of the organizations clout.

   Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch said "The problem with one-day boycotts is that people put a considerable amount of time, energy and hope into these events, only to end up with zero results. When that happens, people lose hope in the organization and then they naturally don't want to dedicate the time and energy again. At that point, it's all over, and it happens with every one-day boycott because these types of boycotts just can't work. One-day boycotts are acts of desperation, not plans for success."

    The Tea Party activists are most closely resembles a group of activists than the "party" they claim to be. Boycott Watch sees their new boycott plan as their way to regain their lost media attention, but it will backfire. They are putting all their eggs in one basked and this basket can't hold water. The boycott and ultimately the organization will fail unless they get some serious national leadership in place quickly. Otherwise, this will be the last anyone hears from the Tea Party.

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