March 26, 2015
Old False and Anti-Semitic Claims about Starbucks Recirculating Via CNN Money Article
Boycott Watch Reiterates Call for Huffington Post and CNN to retract blatantly false articles designed to discredit Israel.
    One would think that CNN writers and editors would be smart enough to research a story before posting it, but that was not the case. Instead, the August 8, 2014 CNN Money report Starbucks: We don't fund Israel is nothing more than an exact copy of a Huffington Post article a day prior with the with the exact same headline. Oddly enough, it is not the first time this false claim was made, and Boycott Watch posted an article busting the claim in it a full ten years before both Huffington Post and CNN posted their articles.

    Both CNN and Huffington Post missed simple facts of the business Starbucks conducted in Israel, and their article accuses Starbucks of not doing something the company has no reason to do in the first place. The intent of the articles, of course, is to get Jews to stop buying from another Jew. Meanwhile, it is putting some Jews in the position of either boycotting Starbucks or trying to defend something that does not make any sense, all without any framework to refute a story that makes no sense in the first place.

    Boycott Watch started writing articles about boycotts against Starbuck's with the article on this topic on September 10, 2003, this one titled Correcting a false boycott email: Starbucks pullout of Israel was simply and clearly a business decision. Our reporting also includes our August 17, 2006 article titled Jihad Against Starbucks - Howard Schultz Did Not Send The Email which exposes a false letter to get people to believe the he and the company hates Israel. Sadly, that is typical. The company has even been falsely accused of selling bottled water to NYC firefighters during the 9-11 attacks, a claim of which is ridiculous even at face value since one thing fire fighters have plenty of, is water. None the less, false claims against the company are abundant.

    What is new today is the same article that CNN ripped off of from the Huffington Post is being recirculated by people who hate Israel and Jews in general, thus putting some Jews in an awkward position to refute something that makes no sense. Meanwhile, CNN Money and the Huffington Post have both refused to remove the false articles from their sites.

    This is the sixteenth article we have written about Starbucks, the vast majority of which are about false claims again Starbucks to get Jews to boycott the company, so this is nothing new, and it is all because the owner and now Chairman Howard Schultz is Jewish. In fact, the claims are all part of the greater Arab boycott of Israel which now attacks owners of businesses in the United States because the owner is Jewish. The graphic here is by a group that promotes boycotting Israel and it lists many American companies specifically targeted because the owners are Jewish. As such, it is not just anti-Israel but anti-Semitic.

    The idea behind these boycotts is to harm Jews who may potentially donate their own money to projects in Israel. In fact, Boycott Watch President Fred Taub documented how that works in his groundbreaking book Boycotting Peace where he exposed the ongoing campaign to destroy Israel financially, a how the campaign is being spread in the United States despite violating several laws.

    "This is more than just sloppy journalism" said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch. "Not only have these two outlets refused to remove their ridiculous articles that we busted, but now it is being re-circulated, and again with the idea to make Jews upset at and boycott businesses that have pro-Israel owners. In 2003 we posted an article that busted the foundation of the boycott against Starbucks. Eleven years and fifteen articles later CNN and Huffington Post bash Israel on a falsehood." Fred Taub added people need to read his book Boycotting Peace to learn more about how the economic war against Israel.

Boycoting Peace
by Fred Taub
President, Boycott Watch

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