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July 7, 2010
Starbucks Promotion Scam on Facebook
Summary:A scam is spreading through Facebook, masked behind different companies, this time taking advantage of the popular Starbucks brand name.
    Boycott Watch has busted several false rumors about Starbucks, this time we bust a scam circulating on Facebook promising free Starbucks gift cards, but delivers computer spy-ware instead.

    "Beware of Facebook posting for "FREE Coffee at Starbucks This Week Only" said Boycott Watch President Fred Taub. "I have confirmed with Starbucks that this is indeed a scam, and that all Starbucks promotions are on their website only, The and websites are fraudulent."

    Websites such as these are designed to attract people to fantastic offers, but when clicking on anything on those websites, software intended to monitor your keyboard to get your credit card information is usually installed on the PC without your permission or knowledge. Once that happens, thieves will be able to drain your credit cards and ruin your credit.

    Using Facebook to scam people is not an innovation. The trend is to get people to first click on the 'like' button on a non-Facebook site which installs the mal-ware, then to get people to press the 'share' button which spreads the scam to others. In the past, scammers used email, masking the true source to prevent them from being caught. Using Facebook, however, creates a cookie crumb trail back to the source, allowing the FBI to prosecute the criminals, but only after damage has been done. Boycott Watch advises people to carefully watch where they are clicking. If you see any offers which require you to press the 'like' button, it's most probably a scam.

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