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June 24, 2011
"Shark Tank" Jumps The Shark
Summary: More quality television programming bites the dust
    After just two seasons on ABC, you can expect the hit show Shark Tank to vanish soon. In the show, entrepreneurs present their businesses in need of capital to large investors in hopes of selling a chunk of the company for marketing and distribution help. The show also features amazing success stories from the people who, with help from the business sharks, have become amazingly wealthy, proving the value of having the right investors.

   There is far more to Shark Tank than just the game-show appeal. Many business lessons can be learned just watching the show, seeing the personalities of people who are successful and what it takes to make a deal. In many cases, people have refused great deals because their misguided pride blinded them.

   Unfortunately, the show soon went to the classic 'celebrity' episode model. From a broadcast television standpoint, that's the last-ditch effort to keep a show alive by attracting a fresh audience to the celebrity, and not the show content. That's sad. It's a good show suitable to the entire family, but most importantly, it teaches people business and encourages entrepreneurship, which is the building block of this great nation. We need more family shows like Shark Tank, not less.

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