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July 4, 2011
We The People - Happy 235th Birthday America!
Summary: Why is America Special? In a word, the Patent!
    It happens every Independence Day. People have cookouts and watch fireworks shows, but if you ask them what year George Washington became the President, they will say 1776. Oh, by the way, that is not the right answer. President Washington was inaugurated April 30, 1789 after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

   The words "We The People" were far more than a declaration of self rule. It opened the doors to innovation and entrepreneurship. It cast away the need for permission from the government to be in business, and what business you can be in. The greatest minds of science such as DiVinci and Galileo had previously been attacked by the church for merely thinking about science, let alone creating anything innovative.

   The United States opened the doors to taking creative thoughts, building products, and patents were key because they guaranteed individuals the rights to their innovations, allowing them to prosper with their innovations without fear of someone else beating them in the market with their own ideas. Patents made innovators prosperous, thus encouraging entrepreneurship.

   Thanks to the U.S. patent system, people were finally able to make money bringing their ideas to the market. Prior to this, governments such as England and France controlled patents, who could get them and for what. The results of that are clear - there was very little innovation in Europe for centuries.

   So why is America special? I can write books on several topics, but for starters, look around you. From the chair you are sitting on, to the computer you are probably reading this, to the almost everything around you, even those made-in-China toys and electronics, and even id you are Amish, is all based on American innovations and the patent.

   So, as we celebrate Independence Day, take a moment to look around you and be proud of all the great things this country has done. For those who are looking at the bad things in America, please remember that without good there is no bad, and the good we see all around us, from windows, to food, to transportation, to whatever since the list can go on forever, are still because of the greatness of this nation and the freedoms we have as a result.

   Happy Birthday America!


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