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December 8, 2010
Chanukah Ham Sale Pictures are Fake
Summary: Just because you see a photo, it does not mean it is real.
    Boycott Watch loves busting scams and we have been known to bust fake photo claims as well. People love funny pictures and sometimes people stretch their imagination to come up with some near perfect fakes which become viral emails, but the truth about these fakes should be made known.

   Most recently a few photos claiming a Ham sale for Chanukah has been circulating and Boycott Watch wants to set the record straight. The humor of course is that ham is blatantly not kosher, but regardless, these photos are staged and the following is the proof:

   The forged photos:

Busted by Boycott Watch

Busted by Boycott Watch

Busted by Boycott Watch

  1) Stores do not laminate temporary sale signs. Retailers print them on paper or plastic using laser printers and put them out as is. If a sign gets ruined, they can always print another. Laminating the signs ads time and expense to make temporary signs permanent, and that's just not necessary, especially in cost-centric marketplaces.

    2) One website claiming to be a primary source of information about it has a problem, the sign graphic does not match the color schema or the store the site claims the signs were in. The colors of the store claimed by this website are orange and black with a write trim, not orange and blue. Nice try, but the sign pattern is all wrong.

   That website even goes as far as claiming "Update: As of Tuesday morning 12/4, the hams are now tagged with green "Perfect for the Holidays!" signs." Sorry, but you failed to post the new photos of the corrected signs you falsely claim. It's a good excuse, though, for the reason people won't find the fake signs when visiting that store.

   3) One viral e-Mail in circulation claims the signs are in a Wal-Mart, but the colors don't match the Wal-Mart colors either. The fact is, we have yet to see any emails with a store which has the same color schema as the signs.

   4) You may notice there is no store or brand name on the signs. Considering how both love to advertise, it is a clear indication the people who made the signs wanted to keep it generic as not to implicate any particular company.

   5) Special sales always point to specific brands and products, not all such products in a store. The signs are targeting Chanukah and ham and are free of brand names. These signs are generic, thus the photos could be taken in any store.

   6) Considering that many Jews would take offense to the signs, there has been no apology for the claimed sale, not even from the stores which are claimed to have had the signs. Boycott Watch believes someone went out of their way to create the signs, which are funny, then went to a 24-hour supermarket late one night where they put the pictures up, took quick photos and left. We believe the sings were laminates so they would not get fold-marks while trying to bring the photos to the store for quick photos.

   Nice try, but it is a fake.

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