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January 6, 2010
Glenn Beck Boycotters Reach For False Claims
Summary: Attacks based on false claims hurt the intended cause
    Glenn Beck has lots of political enemies, and there is a movement to get Glenn Beck off television by boycotting his sponsors. Despite that, his ratings on the Fox News Channel are through the roof, indicating boycott efforts have failed, and ratings are growing while sponsors are knocking on his door.

    The complaints about Mr. Beck and the boycott calls against him are sometimes astounding. Take for instance the latest claim from a Glenn Beck detractor who sent Boycott Watch an email claiming that on his January 5, 2010 show, Glenn Beck's telephone handset cord was not plugged in. Pointing to a photo he spent a considerable amount of time extracting from the Glenn Beck show which we drew on to debunk his claim, the Glenn Beck detractor pointed out that the red hotline phone on his desk, for which Mr. Beck claims he gave the phone number of to President Obama to correct anything he says, was just a prop as the telephone was not plugged into the handset as evidenced by the missing cord. The Glenn Beck detractor claimed Beck's handset jack was clearly a total fake.

    The Glenn Beck detractor further stated the telephone handset cord was clearly not connected (see the yellow circle) and therefore the hotline claim was false. The claim also said the phone cords are always connected on the right hand side so when people dial numbers so the phone cord is not crossing over the phone to the right ear while the person dials. If you look at the phone however, the corded side of the actual handset is on the left, and in this case the phone appears to probably have a phone cord on the left side for left-handed people, and Glenn Beck is felt-handed.

    Boycott Watch reminds people to fact-check before drawing conclusions or just believing everything people say.

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