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I am an American. I have my opinions. I have the right to express my opinions. Unless of course the government and Facebook object to my opinions.
Op-Ed by Fred Taub, President, Boycott Watch
July 18, 2021

This has nothing to do with claims of “misinformation.” I have the right to believe the world is flat, if I so choose. I have the right to believe the mere existence of guns forces people to kill others, I also have the right to believe in a cosmic fungus, the Cockroach that ate Cincinnati and even that man has visited the moon, all if I so choose.

America has taught the world the value of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It is what made this country what it is. If someone has an idea for an item, they can make it and sell it without government approval – it is the marketplace that decides what the people want to buy, or believe, not the government.

Yet every year, we see more and more government restrictions. Perhaps this is reason for the outcry of the American people over what I have to misspell so the automatic censors don't delete this article – the baxinations. I started the political season about six years ago as an anti-Trumper and then became pro-Trump only after his election to President. He removed many government regulations thus lifting the economy. Today we are seeing those restrictions rescinded and now we have freedom of speech threatened by the Biden administration, all because they don't like what is being said.

I am an American – I have the right to get a baxination if I so choose, and I have the right not to get one. Anyone who chooses not to get one is making a conscious decision not to get one. Some make that choice because of fear, some because they already had the cold so they have the antibodies and for whatever reason they choose, and that is their choice as Americans. Did I get a baxination? That is also my choice to disclose or not.

I can go on and on, but suffice it to say, the US Government has no right to demand people think one way or believe everyone must comply with what they say, nor can they demand censorship – this is the United States, not North Korea.

Will I be censored by Facebook for posting this? Will I be put in Facebook Jail for posting this? Why do I have to purposely misspell a word to get my opinions out? Why am I am forced to misspell a word to comply with the new government right-speak as if I am living in the novels 1984 and Animal Farm? I feel as if I am in a communist country where I have to comply with government orders to speak my mind – wait I do have to comply with government orders to speak my mind today, thus my purposely misspelled words.

Baxine or no baxine, it is the peoples choice, and if someone who is not baxinated gets the cold, it was their choice and no one else should not be made to suffer for them. They made their choice and they can still get the baxination at any time. We don't, as Americans, force opinions or cold remedies on anyone. It is sad that I have to write this way, but I do because I don't want my view to be censored. After all, you also have the right to read this to its entirety or ignore it.

Fred Taub
Boycott Watch

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