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August 11, 2011
Another American woman missing in Aruba
Summary: Aruba is still not safe for Americans, or anyone for that matter, and the disappearance of Robyn Gardner proves it again. Boycott Watch puts Aruba on notice.
   Some things never change, including the lack of safety for American women in Aruba. Robyn Gardner of Maryland is missing, and presumed dead from the same beach Natalee Holloway went missing from. Boycott Watch was the absolute leading authority in reporting the Aruba boycott related to the Natalee Holloway disappearance and murder, and this case screams parallels.

   For starters, police in Aruba have suspended the investigation for a "lack of evidence" after about 24 hours. Does that sound familiar? It should, because that is exactly what happened in the Natalee Holloway case. In other countries, police would investigate to try and find evidence for days so the leads do no go cold, but in Aruba, the interest is to get past any bad news, not caring about the actual crime victims.

   Granted, Joran Van Der Sloot is in jail in Peru, but the underlying problems in Aruba have not changed. As Boycott Watch has continually reported, Aruba is a cesspool of rampant drug use and the police don't care. People go to Aruba to, among other things, engage in drug use because the most they will get is a slap on the wrist fine from judges who know the nation wants tourists to come back often since tourism is their primary industry. The Aruban economy can't afford to upset any tourists, especially after the boycott which hurt their economy to the point where casinos and at least one hotel had to close.

   The fact is, drugs are easily obtainable in Aruba and Boycott Watch believes it played a role in Natalee Holloway's murder. Mix shallow respirations with disorientation from drug use then couple that with snorkeling in the ocean and you have a recipe for disaster. Boycott Watch is not accusing anyone of drug usage, but knowing how Aruba operates, we would simply not be surprised, and we even expect it.

   Additionally, Aruban police are incompetent at best. They botched the Natalee Holoway case because they did not care. Making tourists happy continues to be more important to them, and they did not care about how poorly they treated Beth Holloway, Natalee's mother, either. Boycott Watch even reported how the Aruban police even left an extension ladder inside a prison; allowing a double-murderer to escape. If that is not gross incompetence, it is certainly gross negligence. Take your pick.

   At one point, Aruba re-opened the Natalee Holloway investigation because of the boycott pressure and Boycott Watch reporting in particular, proving they care more about tourism dollars than the tourists. Meanwhile, locals continue pimping for tourists, including under-age girls - reports indicate it still goes on in hotel lobbies and Aruba bars where underage drinking is still the norm.

   Boycott Watch has lots of questions for the Aruba authorities. They read this site and we are putting Aruba on notice: Boycott Watch is monitoring this case so you better do the right thing this time.

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