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February 23, 2010
Van Der Sloot Confession Update: Aruba Dismisses Van Der Sloot Confession With Zero Investigation - Boycott Watch: "More Cover-up."
Summary: Aruba once again shows they want to shut the case, not solve it.
    7AM Update

    Van Der Sloot Confession Headline: Aruba's chief prosecutor says suspect's confession to dumping Natalie Holloway's body in swamp is 'very unbelievable' - NBC News

    About five hours after the late night news break of another Joran Van Der Sloot confession, the people who blundered the Natalee Holloway case in first place are now saying the latest confession by Joran Van Der Sloot is not credible. Considering all the reports Boycott Watch has posted about the incompetence of the Aruba police department, the blatant lies by Aruba tourism officials to protect their tourism industry and the cover-up of the case by Aruba to make it vanish, the immediate dismissal of the Van Der Sloot confession without even checking into it is absurd.

    The Aruba headline was posed about 6:30 AM, well before the Auba's chief prosecutor could have reviewed the confession revealed late night with his staff and the police chief who were all not in their offices at the time. "This was clearly a rush to make a statement, obviously to follow the failed game-plan which got Aruba in trouble with the public in the first place." Said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch

    The boycott of Aruba started to put pressure on Aruba after they were seen as not taking decisive steps to solve the case. As time went on, the American public saw Aruba obstruct the case, and as Boycott Watch pointed out, Aruba lied claiming tourism was up when it was actually down, proving conclusively that Aruba cannot be believed - Aruba is more interested in PR than solving the case, taking Americans and tourism dollars for granted.

    "Aruba has acted like they think Americans are stupid, and the latest response is more of the same. Today we have another clear case of Aruba trying to cover up the case and close the investigation they claim is open. If the case was truly open, the police would be investigating the new confession, not shutting it down" said Fred Taub.

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