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October 3, 2012
Boycott Watch to Michigan State University:
Continue Investigating the Zachary Tennen Case
    Boycott Watch wrote about the case of Zachary Tennen, a Michigan State University student who claimed to have been beaten because he is Jewish and whose mother claimed he had his mouth stapled shut. While many people were screaming for justice for a hate crime, Boycott Watch was confused by the reports. It sounded like a crazy case of anti-Semitism, and the photos did not back up the claims. In our report, we wrote: "The Michigan State Police or the FBI needs to investigate conflicting reports that may indicate false reports to police or even a culture of anti-Semitism at a major U.S. university" and "there is the other possibility of a fabricated story to law enforcement or the media which may also rise to obstruction of justice. Regardless, the public deserves to learn the truth."

    The truth appears to be coming out now, and without the help of investigators. An article in the Lansing State Journal titled "Family of MSU student who alleged hate crime attack asks prosecutor to drop case" speaks volumes. We see this as more than just a case that can be dropped and forgotten about, as there is the real possibility of a false report by Zachary Tennen and his mother to the law enforcement officials. A criminal investigation was opened and the public deserves to learn the truth.

    "Anti-Semitism is a serious matter and false claims serve as nothing more than fuel for real hate mongers" said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch. "It's a sad case any way you look at it and we reiterate our call for a complete investigation. False reports cannot go unchecked."

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