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August 16, 2010
Target / Emmer Boycott by LGBT Groups is Baseless and False
Summary: When you make up a boycott and lie about, it hurts your cause, not helps it.
   Over the past few weeks, Boycott Watch has received several requests to post something in support of a boycott of Target. While we have written about Target in the past, and not always nicely, this boycott call needs to be exposed for what it is - fraud.

    According to the boycott call , Target gives money to a group that support Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, who likes a band which wants to kill gay people. In other words, it's five degrees of separation. According to the "six degrees of separation" theory, of which a movie it based, anyone can be linked to anyone in the world at six degrees or less, and in this case it is only five degrees for Emmer and target are based in the same state. With that, anyone can be linked to anyone, and that is what we have here. Degrees of separation are not proofs of intent or ideology; if it were, one could claim Presidents Bush and Obama share the same policies because they are directly linked, and that is patently ridiculous.

Target - Emmer False Boycott

   Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch called the Emmer Campaign and asked about the claim that he believes in the death penalty for gay people as called for in the sign in the article, and we were told, in essence, that Emmer is pro-life for everyone and that the claims were ridiculous. That claim, of course, was extended back two degrees to Target which is the subject of the boycott call. The claim against Target, therefore, is also false.

   "People are not stupid. When someone makes a blatantly false boycott claim, it hurts the people who make the false claim. In this case, it's a lie based on another lie. If people do not like a political candidate, they should be honest about what they do not like" said Fred Taub. "Besides, this is all party politics. Emmer is the endorsed Republican candidate and that appears to be enough to trigger false attacks. I am disappointed that the LGBT community first has to make things up about a candidate and others in that community have yet to speak out against the blatant lies in their name. To me, this speaks more about the integrity of the LGBT community than Emmer."


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