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February 22, 2010
Multi-Level Marketing usually=Multi-Level Scam
Summary: If you have money to throw away, please don't read this
    When I read the words "Best New MLM," I read it as a sure bet you are dealing with a scam artist because instant millionaire plans don't succeed. Even still, people tend to fall for instant success scams all the time.

    It pays to be a skeptic, or should that be skeptics save money. If you want to hear a scam in action, pay attention to Sunday morning conversations at coffee shops because that is where you will find the best scam artists selling their quick buck schemes to others, extricating themselves from the multi-level marketing traps they fell into themselves, recouping their losses by selling the scam they fell for to others.

    A few rules for avoiding scams:
  1. 1) If you have to meet the person in a coffee shop, it probably means they do not have a real office. There is nothing wrong with working from home, but many people want to meet in neutral areas so they do not bring the stranger into their home. If the person at least meets you in a local chamber of commerce office or a day-office rental facility, you know they have more at stake than just a cup of coffee.
  2. 2) If someone wants to bring you on board for their sales team but wants any money up front, be it samples or training materials, walk away. That is not a job. The person will make money on you just by recruiting you and getting you to buy whatever it is.
  3. 3) Never join any sales team where recruiting agents is more profitable than selling the actual product offered. If any part of the sales pitch includes recruiting more agents you can bet it's a scam.
  4. 4) If the item is too good to be true, ask yourself why the company needs you? One Sunday I overheard the boldest sales lines ever imaginable, and the target believed it. The recruiting salesman spoke about his samples telling the prospective stooge his item "shrinks cancer cells" and even "eliminates cancer cells." If either were true, the product would be in every hospital and doctors office, not touted by part-timers to their friends. The inventor would win the Nobel Prize for medicine because cancer would be cured. Take note: There are no miracle drugs and there is no conspiracy to hide miracle cures.
  5. 5) Avoid any company which wants you to pay for training. If a real company wants you for your skills, they will hire you and pay to train you. Some companies make gobs of money on the training you pay for then don't care if you make any money after.
  6. 6) If you ever read words along the lines of "Best New MLM" rest assured you are dealing with scammers or instant success seekers. In either case, it's not something you want to be involved

    These are the sure signs of a pyramid schemes and other scams. If you hear just two of the six above rules violated, you can rest assured you are being scammed. If any three or more of the above rules are violated, run away fast because you are wasting your time.

    It's your money. If you want a get rich quick plan, buy a lottery ticket because you will probably have better odds.

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