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January 4, 2010
Got Enough IRS Headaches? More to Come
Summary:The IRS needs to serve us, not the other way around
    As if tax forms are not complicated enough for most Americans to complete on their own yet at the same time it costs way too much for many Americans to afford a professional to do the paperwork for them, today, the IRS has announced plans to regulate tax preparers.

    From a consumer standpoint, tax preparation is already regulated. The CPA, or Certified Public Accountant is certified to complete tax forms while tax preparers for agencies which prepare quick tax forms for people all have CPA's in charge. While it is not required to have a CPA prepare your taxes for you, it is smart because of the complication of the forms. Additionally, a tax preparer must sign the bottom of tax forms when they prepare forms for others.

    In other words, it is already regulated but the IRS wants to impose more regulations to make peoples lives more complicated and more expensive when the public has been demanding less complication, less paperwork and less expense.

    As the article points out, most Americans are using tax preparation software. Even still, mistakes can be made. When mistakes happen, the IRS tends to treat people as if they were guilty and have to prove their innocence, the opposite of what should happen. With software, there is less of a chance of errors so instead of creating more regulation, the IRS should be working to improve online filing so there is becomes easier for Americans to pay taxes.

    The article states "However, paid tax preparers are unregulated in many states, unless they are also lawyers, certified public accountants or enrolled agents who represent taxpayers before the IRS." Boycott Watch believes that if tax forms were less complicated we would not need certified preparers and we would have less people needing to represent themselves before the IRS.

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