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April 23, 2012
Why Are Americans Eating Food The Farmers Wont Dare Eat?
Summary: China imports US food and rejected their own food, yet we eat what the Chinese know is blatantly unhealthy.
    While The Wall Street Journal is considered the single most important business newspaper, it consistently misses vital consumer news, even with in its own article. Such is the case in the Saturday / Sunday, April 21-22, 2012 edition in a page A3 article titled "Farmers Retool to Feed China." The article focuses on how US farmers are targeting their crops, including powdered milk, for the China market.

   Most Americans may not think about the increasing demand of US products in China, but what we find interesting is a line that the WSJ apparently considered as a throw-away: A lady in China is quoted as saying "I just want something that tastes good and isn't going to hurt me."

   The way Boycott Watch sees is, while Americans are buying cheep products from China and regularly discover the foods and toys are tainted with toxic chemicals, the Chinese want high-quality USDA tested and approved American food. Boycott Watch wrote about how food in China can be tainted with toxic chemicals thus may pose long-term health problems, even if only eating it while visiting China.

   The fact that Americans want to save money while putting their own health at risk has not been lost on the Chinese. While there is no Chinese Food and Drug Administration, at least not to anything near US standards, Chinese citizens are willing to spend more for high quality US products because they know it is safe to eat.

   Americans need to understand that many in China don't want to eat their own home-grown farm foods because they do not trust their own government food safety standards. Boycott Watch therefore asks: Why are we Americans eating foods from farmers who won't feed dare feed it to their own families?

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