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June 17, 2010
BP Appreciates Obama Attacks
Summary: President Obama hurt the very people he is trying to help.
    Previously, Boycott Watch reported how the boycott of BP cannot work. Our report was far reaching, especially considering how almost every media outlet is now reporting how gas station boycotts do not work, and only affect the local franchise owners. This is not the first time we have reported that. Boycott Watch covered that topic in 2002 with our reports about how boycotting any one gas brand is completely ineffective.

    With the current oil disaster, Boycott Watch is concerned with how the rhetoric out of Washington, D.C. will affect people who have been financial damaged will be affected in the long run. President Obama has been making statements, including from the Oval Office where he has stated BP is guilty and demanded money be set aside not just for cleanup, but for compensation of losses as well.

    This is what worries Boycott Watch, and consumers should be worried as well. By judging and declaring punishment, President Obama and now Congress have usurped the role of the judiciary by determining guilt, as well as any potential jury by demanding specific damages. President Obama has crossed the lines of the separation of powers in the United States Constitution. The Executive Branch is not the Judiciary Branch, yet President Obama is using his bully pulpit to make judiciary statements. There will surely be lawsuits, and although people may win at first, the cases will most likely be overturned on appeal, even as high as to the U.S. Supreme Court because President Obama created a situation where BP will not be able to have equal protection under the law.

    BP will simply claim they could not get a fair trial after the President of the United States already declared their guilt and punishment to the American people on national television from the Oval Office. Boycott Watch believes BP is being silent about this because it is in their best interests. President Obama needs to concentrate on his legal responsibility as mandated by law, which is cleanup. By going beyond his legal authority, he has already hurt the litigants, meaning the American consumer. It may be years before these cases go to trial, and Boycott Watch is the first to stand up for the consumer by stating this.

    Obamas comments taint potential lawsuits by poisoning the mind of potential jurors. BP will make motions to dismiss cases against them because they cannot get a fair trial. The President making disparaging comments is not the same as a news commentator making the same remarks. The more BP can prove they can't get a fair trial, the better off they are, especially since they will undoubtedly first try and prove an accident caused the disaster, thus relieving them of negligent responsibility.

    BP will go out of its way to pay claims, and then use that to say the claims are excessive.

    BP is a wildly successful company, and the more money it makes, the more it can pay people hurt by the oil spill.

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