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June 22, 2010
Arizona Boycott: Representation Without Responsibility
Summary: All politics aside, President Obaba has wrongly justified the Arizona boycott - dangerous for America.
    With all the fervor about the Arizona boycotts over immigration, the last thing Arizona or any state for that matter needs is an expansion of any boycott of any state by any state, regardless of politics. One of the founding principals of this great nations' name, the United States, is to be united. The Federal government should therefore be working to maintain a balance between states and to promote the general prosperity of the nation, not take sides in a battle which divides states. Despite that, the Obama administration plan to take Arizona to court over that states immigration law has a side affect - it strengthens boycott calls against Arizona which is harmful to the United State.

    Boycott Watch was first to point out this is the first time states have boycotted states since Lincoln was President and how dangerous that is to the nation. When one politically elected body tries to impose their values and principals on a completely separate elected body, it is not taxation without representation, but representation without responsibility. Individual political subdivisions, be it a state or local library board, is only answerable to its own constituents, not the constituents of any other political entity and therefore should not impose upon any other electorate.

    Unfortunately, we are seeing a Federal push to divide this great nation by essentially justifying the underlying reason for the Arizona boycott call. And since not everyone in Arizona is in favor of the law, it amounts to the Obama administration advocating collective punishment of Arizona, a violation of basic human rights which is protected internationally under the Geneva Conventions.

    Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch said "It does not matter if you are in favor of or against the Arizona immigration law, or whatever you want to call it. No President should be working to divide any group or state. Boycotts are great consumer tools, but this boycott is being abused to create rifts within America. We are Americans first and must remember that freedom of speech includes the respect for the freedom of speech of others. These boycotts are meant to intimidate voters and silence free speech, and that is un-American. I call upon President Obama to end division in America and make direct statements against boycotting Arizona."

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