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December 1, 2011
Loopholes Nullify Arab League Sanction Against Syria -
Arab Boycott of Israel is the Key
Summary: Boycott Watch reveals why it beat the WSJ to reporting the Syrian sanctions are meaningless.
   Previously, Boycott Watch exposed how the Arab League Sanction against Syria are a farce, having the real goal of creating a PR campaign. Today we explore some of the loop holes which were designed into the Arab League sanctions plan.

   First, however, people need to understand how the Arab League functions, or more accurately, is dysfunctional. The Arab world is dominated by dictators, many of which are in fear of being overthrown by other would-be dictators. The 'Arab Spring' in Egypt which overthrew one dictator for example, is in dire jeopardy of being overthrown creating a new dictatorship, this time dominated by the radical Islamic Brotherhood which has been working for over twenty years to overthrow Mubarek in the first place. Dysfunctional Arab governments with factions fighting to overthrow them and each other explains the single unifying element which bonds the Arab dictatorships, and that binding force is their hatred of Jews and the resulting Arab boycott of Israel.

   The Arab world is divided into two primary religious groups, Sunni and Shia, neither of which can agree on anything. Even OPEC, which was created by and is dominated by the Arab world, can't agree on much. What they do agree on, including non-Arab OPEC members, is their hatred of Israel. That hatred created the Arab 'boycott of Jewish interests in the Middle-East' which began in 1910, long before Israel was established. The coordinating council of the boycott is the Arab League, which can only agree on one thing - boycotting Jews. In fact, every meeting of the Arab league opens with a vote to reaffirm their boycott.

   In the Middle East, Syria controls Lebanon, a nation the Syrian government considers to be its Eastern province, allowing it to exist as a nation-shell to avoid war with the United States the way Kuwait was liberated from Iraq in Gulf War I. Just as Saddam Hussein wanted the Kuwaiti ports, Syria controls the Lebanese ports, and citizens for that matter, explaining why Syria and Lebanon voted against Syrian sanctions by the Arab League.

   Beyond that, the imposed sanctions are meaningless. The Wall Street Journal, Monday, November 28, 2011, reported "More than half Syria's nonoil exports are sold to Arab countries." Export sanctions against Syria mean nothing since those items are shipped via Lebanon anyhow, Syria's main export port. On top of that, the only bank to actually be sanctioned is the Central Bank of Syria, for which the Syrian government has, according to an Al-Jazeera report, already moved between 95-96% of their money away from anyhow.

   While the November 28, 2011 WSJ stated the sanctions were unenforceable, Boycott Watch stated it was all a farce two weeks prior on November 14, 2011. Boycott Watch also wrote the reason the sanctions are a farce, which is the Arab boycott of Israel, a point the WSJ missed. The Arab boycott is not only the binding force of the Arab League, but Syria is the glue which keeps the boycott and the overall Arab economy running.

   Syria is the central hub of the Arab patent world, and since Arab dictators have their hand in most trade the way mobsters can only dream of, harming Syria with real sanctions will only hurt the other members of the Arab League. Most importantly for the Arabs, since the Central Boycott Office Arab is based in Damascus, suspension of, or sanctions on Syria would only result in the collapse of the Arab League itself. If that were to happen, Arab dictatorships would certainly be hurt economically, and possibly result in their complete demise.

   This is why the Arab League setup meaningless sanctions on Syria while making bold international claims to show the world how wonderful they are. The Arab League has yet to send in observers as they have claimed they may, simply because they cannot afford sanctions against Syria to work.

   "Americans like to think the Arab world operates much the same as the US, but that is not the case" said Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch. "Arab leaders have a tight control over the media, which is why even for Fox News, which is partly owned by the Saudi Royal Family, the closest place to Syria they can broadcast from Israel. Even then, reporters who are not knowledgeable about the Arab League will miss keys to the story."

    Fred Taub is the President of Boycott Watch, regularly appears as a boycott expert in the media and his work has been cited in two cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. In his book Boycotting Peace, Fred Taub details the history of the Arab League, its founding principal and their main focus today of coordinating the Arab boycott of Israel and Jews in general.

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