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November 29, 2011
More Evidence Arab League Sanction against Syria is a Farce
Summary: Boycott Watch exposes the truth behind the Arab League's Syria PR game.
   Boycott Watch has reported that the Arab League sanctions against Syria for the murders of their own protesting citizens are a farce, and a recent report about the sanctions by Al Jazeera Television proves Boycott Watch is right.

   Boycott Watch has previously reported that the Arab League cannot truly suspend Syria because Syria is the home of the Central Boycott of Israel office, which is the basis for the existence of the Arab League itself, a topic covered in depth in the groundbreaking book Boycotting Peace by Fred Taub, the President of Boycott Watch. In fact, the Arab League completely backed-off from its threat of suspending Syria for that very same reason Boycott Watch stated, and because Syria is also the home of the Arab world's patent system.

   "Trade in the Arab world is highly dependant on Syria for both making sure no Jewish, not just Israeli products enter the Arab world, as part of their boycott of Jews, not just Israel, which stated in 1910, 38 years before Israel was established" said Fred Taub. "In the Arab world, product protection, including the Arab rights to profit from copies of Israeli inventions, are all regulated in Syria. That is why the Arab League cannot put real sanctions on Syria and why the Arab League backed-off and only posted rules that do not actually matter. The Arab world cannot allow their patent rights system to fall apart because if they did, the Arab world's economy would collapse resulting in the overthrow of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and other Arab dictatorships. The Arab kings will not and cannot allow that to happen."

   Fred Taub is referring to the three main sanctions the Arab League imposed: A Freeze on financial aid from Arab countries to Syria which is meaningless since Syria is a major center of Arab commerce; a travel ban for senior Syrian officials which won't happen anyhow since all senior Syrian officials are a little busy right now dealing with the riots they face; and lastly, ending transactions with the Syrian central bank which does not matter since the Arab world can work with other banks for transactions in and with Syria.

   Most strikingly, in a statement on Al-Jazeera Television, Syria reported they removed 95-96% of their money from their central bank anyhow. Why would they remove the funds from their own bank? Simply because the entire world knew sanctions were being planned, but considering the size of the transactions needed to protect Syria from economic collapse if their central bank was suddenly cut-off, the cash move clearly indicates Syria must have been tipped-off in advance from the Arab League.

   That is why Boycott Watch calls it PR-sanctions - Syria knew what was coming and moved funds with the blessing of the Arab League to make sure the sanctions had no teeth. Had the Arab League actually wanted to harm Syria economically, they would have closed transactions to all banks in or dealing with Syria, which they Arab League did not do, proving the sanctions are a total farce.

   "These are not real sanctions" said Fred Taub. "It is just a public relations game just as I said it was. Syria is simply operating with their funds moved to other banks in the Arab world, proving the Arab League is doing nothing more than providing lip-service to make the world think they taking action, but they don't care. Commerce between Syria and the rest of the Arab world is still in place and unimpeded. Had the Arab League really cared about the safety of Syrian citizens, they would have intervened militarily months ago, but that has not happened and the farce sanctions indicate the Arab world has no intention taking any real concrete actions to protect Syrian citizens. While the West may be fooled, the Arab street is not stupid - We are seeing a message to the Arab street that all Arab governments, not just Syria, will not tolerate popular uprisings. Egypt is currently a great example of that principle."

   Fred Taub is the President of Boycott Watch, regularly appears as a boycott expert in the media and his work has been cited in two cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. In his book Boycotting Peace, Fred Taub details the history of the Arab League, its founding principal and their main focus today of coordinating the Arab boycott of Israel and Jews in general.

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