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February 23, 2010
When Good Ads Go Bad: Article About Salmonella In Granola Snack Has Ad For Snickers® Candy Bar
Summary: Ads on most websites are part of rotation systems, sold way in advance and appearing randomly, sometimes misplaced.
    This one though is way too funny not to comment. In an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution website titled "Organic snack bars recalled due to possible Salmonella," an ad appeared for the Snickers® candy bar.

Snackonomics    Obviously the organic snack maker didn't want to have a report about their product next to a candy bar ad, nor did Mars, Inc. want their candy bar ad to appear in an article about salmonella. It is, however, a good starting point for a lesson on how website ads really work.

    Boycott Watch is one of the many websites which have ads via an agency such as Value Click Media. Internet ad agencies broker ads, taking advertising contracts to put ads on various websites, and hopefully everyone will make money in the process. While there is some control over which ads appear where, there are no guarantees for which ads will or will not appear on any given page.

    Sometimes ad placement or misplacement can generate complaints, including one person who complained that a website, via the virtues of a specific ad, called a certain lady looking at the website "fat", making her very upset at the website owner who really did not control the ad. In the case of Boycott Watch, an ad for Aruba travel has appeared on a page about the boycott of Aruba, which was odd. One may wonder if Aruba specifically wanted the ad to appear there as it would be in Aruba's best interests.

    Regardless, the Snickers ad placement was ironic to say the least.

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